Our Process: Simple and Direct

Our process is simple. We listen. We explore. We develop. And then we implement. Simple, but we add in our unique Dot Matrix flair. If you should work with us, using this simple method, we will provide results for you that are very much extraordinary.


We start every project by actively listening to our clients. We listen to understand the project and our client’s aspirations. We then begin to ask questions for an even deeper understanding. And then we listen some more.


This is the critical thinking phase. We develop a strategy using gathered data and conceptualize visual presentation methods to match the strengths of the client’s offering and identity.


The articulation phase. We create the visual identity, conceptual approach, and messaging. We present comps and sketches for client review, discussion and feedback.


This is when we move into production. Designs are created in final format for print production and/or media output – including online integration or media presentation as needed. All aspects of every element of the graphic or advertising campaign are integrated.

Case Study

SiriusXM, a satellite radio entertainment provider, asked Dot Matrix to create all of the icons for their highly customizable player application. The interface allows listeners to change their playlist based on their particular music taste.


The Problem: Make the interface more visually interesting for users.
Focus groups proved that a text description was not the favored solution. The potential users of the My SiriusXM application wanted visual cues — not just simple text to describe the genres. With over 120 music and talk channels containing 6 selectors each, the development team at SiriusXM relied upon the help of Dot Matrix to explore visual options for the interface.


Each genre presented its own challenge of how best to represent that particular style of music. The emphasis was on a “quick-read”—the viewer had to know what the icon was trying to say without the viewer reading the text. Over 300 channel genres had to be reviewed and assessed to determine the proper visual required to quickly and concisely communicate the musical style.


With the many complicated development aspects of the program, including small visual space constraints, a simple solution of icons seemed best. Dot Matrix and the SiriusXM development team agreed that too many colors and effects diluted the simple, clean and quick message that the icons needed to deliver.


The Result: Dot Matrix presented SiriuwXM with over 300 icons, each one specific to the many channels within the application. To the delight of the SiriusXM marketing team, the icons enhanced the user experience. Perhaps more importantly, we’re proud to say the program has been very popular among SiriusXM users.

“Whenever I come across an involved project that requires deep analysis, a consistent visual appeal and of course a fast turnaround time, I involve Dot Matrix. As with the icon development for MySXM, Dot Matrix quickly identified the appropriate style and then jumped on creating the hundreds of icons we needed for the application. They made my job of managing all the visuals of this project look easy.”

– SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Senior Director, Marketing

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